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Community Housing Trust

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Plan of 200-house high-tec eco-village now under construction in the Netherlands

Attract more high skilled employees with access to local low-cost eco-housing - join this Business Consortium for a new Community Housing Trust in South Worcs.

With local house prices firm and rising, attracting those with key skills to South Worcestershire is becoming increasingly difficult. How to do it? by offering employment, with advanced training, really affordable eco-housing and pollution-free transport.

New member and registered charity EngageMalvern invites all Chamber of Commerce members within 10 miles of Malvern to join a business consortium to create a Community Housing Trust (CHT), to plan, develop, construct, and operate a Smart Eco-Friendly Village of 100-200 houses, with the aim to let houses for about 60 % normal rents for staff on consortium companies aged up to 30 years. Housing will be high standard, using sustainable energy and local electric transport. Some houses will be offered to young employees in the public sector, and to over 65s who release large houses to the CHT.

Please register your interest by emailing Eoin McCarthy at

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