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Community Trusts Engagement in Land, Transport and Social Care in Malvern Hills and surrounding area


On 10th December 2018 within the consultation period EngageMalvern submitted a written representation to Mr Chrisopher Collinson, Planning and Management Ltd and the independent examiner of the Malvern Town Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The background to and the objectives of EngageMalvern are outlined in the representation. It is argued that one of the ways to organise is to build communities that will establish non-profit voluntary charitable trusts, for example a Community Land Trust (CLT), a Community Transport Trust (CTT), a Community Social Trust (SCT) and so on.

EngageMalvern would like the Malvern Town Neighbourhood Plan to more fully acknowledge the importance of developing the "volunteer community third sector" in partnership with the statutory and private sectors. In particular that the Plan fully embed the concept of independent "Community Organising and Community Trusts(COCTs)" such that in implementation of the Plan opportunities are given for COCTs to be active.

The example cited was a CLT. When new housing is being planned a local CLT should be provided with the opportunity to obtain land through donation or at low cost for the building of CLT affordable housing and self-build housing so that housing costs could be significantly reduced ( eg to say 60% of market prices) and housing become affordable to those in lower income brackets, including some vital local public service workers. It is imperative that a local CLT has the support of the local planning authority and a local housing association.

Worcestershire already has at least one CLT and one CTT, but not in the Malvern Hills area. COCTs are becoming more common throughout the UK. Central Government has been encouraging this development.

EngageMalvern wishes to encourage and support such developments in Malvern Hills and surrounding areas.

Submitted by Barry Jones on behalf of the Trustees of EngageMalvern on 10th December 2018.

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